Nhảy đến nội dung


(Professional Programme – Full English)

(Promulgated with Decision No: …… /2018/ QĐ – TĐT dated … by the President of
Ton Duc Thang University)
1.    Major in: Biotechnology          Code: FA7420201
2.    Level: Undergraduate        Mode of study: Full - time
3.    Degree: Engineering
4.    Programme Objectives - (POs)

PO1: Graduates will become biotechnology engineers with good basic knowledge, both in theory and practice.
PO2: Graduates will master good research methods, critical thinking, creativity, independent learning and improve knowledge in Biotechnology.
PO3: Graduates are able to apply and work with modern biotechnology techniques, equipment operation and control in bioproduction, management or consultation for biotechnology projects, especially in the Industry and Agriculture 4.0.
PO4: Graduates have ability to work independently as well as together in groups in high pressure conditions; develop and integrate in high quality job market.
PO5: Graduates are trained to be biotechnology engineers with high specialized quality, good personality, health and professional ethics.

5.Expected learning Outcomes- (ELOs)

Group of ELOs


Description of ELOs

General knowledge

Basic knowledge in politics, natural sciences, social sciences, foreign language and informatics.     

ELO1: Applying scientific knowledge in fields related to biology, mathematics and chemistry.
ELO2: Applying the knowledge of law and policies of the Government in genetic engineering and biosafety.
ELO3: Applying English fluently (IELTS 6.0 or equivalent), and Microsoft Office proficiently (MOS Certificate 750 or equivalent)

Specialized knowledge  

Fundamental knowledge in Biotechnology.    

Analyzing basic  problems in biological characteristics, structure, technical process, principle of methods and techniques in Biotechnology.
ELO5: Applying specialized knowledge in  specific biotechnology problems: making properly bioproduction processes, demonstrating effectively scientific biology methods and analytic techniques.
ELO6: Evaluating practical biotech - related problems properly to find out suitable and effective solutions. 
ELO7: Researching for new solutions and development in biotechnology – related fields.

Professional skills    

Operating technical process, equipment and planning biotechnology projects.  

ELO8: Operating effectively technical process, equipment, technology in Biotechnology.
ELO9: Planning biotechnology projects and technology for development and applications.

Generic skills  

Involving the use of logical, intuitive and creative thinking; communication and team – working skills  

Mastering skills in teamwork, collaboration and   organization  for effective management.
ELO11: Studying independently for research and further specialized education.

Attitude and awareness

 Political attitudes and professional ethics; responsibilities; career passion and motivation.



ELO12: Demonstrating good personality, responsibility, discipline, honesty and professional ethics.