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Our high quality program (in English)

Faculty of Applied Sciences- FA7420201

  • Course type: Undergraduate degree 
  • Program: High-quality ( English)

1.    Overview

Biotechnology high-quality programme ( English) were established to meet the international social and job requirements – good background for different future aspects in further education, scientific research and practical applications. 
-    Foundation of general and specialized knowledge of Biotechnology are all introduced during the programme. Majors of Biotechnology education programme give more career opportunities for graduates:  Food Sciences, Agriculture and Biomedical Sciences. 
-    Graduates are well – educated in all specialized knowledge, research methods, soft skills, physical education, English and informatics  with good discipline and personality.

2.    Specializations

- English level for admission: IELTS >=5,5
- Education curriculum meets social and international job requirements. 
- Materials, study and teachings are all in English by professional lecturers with high certificates and experiences.
- Teaching methods and modern techniques are applied during courses.
- Research projects, field trips to factories and enterprises, internships and international exchange programmes.
- Graduate internship projects are done in foreign countries. 
- Graduation theses are in English. 

3.    Programme of study

    + General knowledge: 

- Politics
- Social education
- Natural education ( chemistry, mathematics for life sciences, Analytical chemistry, Statistics for life sciences)
- Soft-skills
- Informatics
- Foreign language (English)

** Other certificates:

- National defense education
- Physical education ( Swimming, Taekwondo, Vietnamese traditional martial art, Badminton, Tennis, Volleyball, Football, Yoga, Fitness, Vovinam, Basketball, Karate, Hockey, etc)

+ Biotechnology specialized knowledge

    - Fundamental knowledge ( Biochemistry, Microbiology, Molecular cell biology, Genetics)

    - Specialized knowledge including core and elective courses of  three majors: Food Sciences (Food preservation, Quality control in Food microorganisms, Beverage processing technology, etc), Agriculture ( Plant biotechnology, Mushroom cultivation, Post-harvest technology, etc), Biomedical Sciences (Medical biotechnology, Medicinal natural products, Diagnostic techniques, etc)

    -Graduation internship and thesis.

4.    Requirements for graduation

   - All the programme credits and required certificates are completed.
   - English level: IELTS >= 6.0 or equivalent;
   - Informatics:  MOS >=750 or equivalent;
   - Fluent in English, effective, flexible and active in team work and meet job requirements.
5.    Career opportunities

+ Job opportunities:

- Government and research establishments
- Therapeutic and research laboratories covering microbiology, hematology, bioremediation, immunology, forensic science, crop development, pest control, animal production, veterinary services, molecular biology and protein engineering.
- Medical and veterinary science service industries
- Agricultural, environmental, chemical, food processing, pharmaceutical and waste management industries
- Beverage and food production
- Biotechnology, medical and agricultural industries
- Researcher for scientific institutes ( Virology, Oncology, Vaccination, etc)
- Edible and medicinal mushroom cultivation
- Medicinal natural products
- Cosmetics
- Microbial fertilizer production
- Plant breeding
- Organic plant production
+ Post - graduate education opportunities:
Well – educated in soft skills, English and specialized knowledge for Master or PhD programme in foreign countries.

Learning outcomes 2019, Curriculum 2019