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Extracirricular activity of the subject of color creating and dyeing technologies
Dr. Do Tuong Ha (the lecturer of the class of color creating and dyeing technologies) and Nha Trang Textile and Garment Joinstock Company opened the tour at their textile and dyeing factory
The first products of the Smart Agricultural Experimental Garden
The Smart Agricultural Research and Application Team of Ton Duc Thang University has successfully built the Smart Agriculture Experimental Garden.
How the honey turned into poisonous?
Honey has become essential part in everyday life; it is used as medicine in treatment of cough, asthma, stomach ulcers, infected wound, and burn.
Four new element names are on the table
New names have just been penciled in for four elements officially recognized back in December. Nihonium, moscovium, tennessine, and oganesson
School Buses to Try a Soybean Fuel
students can glance out the window at several hundred acres of soybeans across the street.
Natural Materials Used For Water Filtration
Several natural materials are incorporated into modern water filtration systems to help remove potential contaminants so you can enjoy safer and tastier water.
TDTU crystal growing competition
TDTU Crystal growing competition is organised by Faculty of Applied Sciences in order to provide high school student
Ton Duc Thang University Traditional Festival TDTU DAY 09.24.2016
FAS’s lecturer in freshmen greeting Gala "TDTU! WE ARE ONE "
The opening academic day ceremony-Faculty of Applied Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU) Bao Loc
With the joyful preparation for a new national academic day, Ton Duc Thang University proudly organizes the ceremony of the new academic day at Bảo Lộc province on 28th August 2017.