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Neural stem cells grown from blood could revolutionize regenerative medicine
Scientists from Heidelberg University Hospital in Germany and the University of Innsbruck in Austria figured out how to reprogram mature human blood cells into neural stem cells
The Fabrication of Conductive Ink
Student research is an important and necessary activity of training and educating, help contributing to improve the quality of education.
TDT game 2017
TDTU always organizes traditional sports day, namely TDT game
Protect Our Environment And Raising Charity Funds
The famous campaign of Green Summer 2017 by Faculty of Applied Science is carried on with many useful and magnificent community activity.
Experience Journey For High School Student Of Marie Curie At TDTU
The program “Experience journey for high school student” is organized by D2O club –Faculty of Applied Sciences (FAS)
Scientific Exchange with Tohoku University Japan
welcomed Professor Hiroshi Takahashi and his student to visit and discuss about scientific