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Student of the Faculty of Applied Sciences, Ton Duc Thang University, won the Vietnam Female Science and Technology Student Award 2023.
The student Le Hoai Ngoc Han excellently won the 2023 Vietnam Female Science and Technology Student Award.
Memorable experience of Biotechnology students in Taiwan
Recently, Students K22-K24 and undergraduate students in English K23-K24 majoring in Biotechnology under the Faculty of Applied Sciences participated in a career internship in the beautiful island nation of Taiwan.
Seminar with Dr. Byung Sun Kim, KIMS Institute (Korea Institute of Materials Science)
Development orientation and research on Nanocomposites, biomedical materials, energy storage
Activities to visit Tuan Ngoc cooperative
VUNN Club would like to thank the Tuan Ngoc Agricultural Cooperative for creating the best conditions for the students to experience a meaningful trip.
Workshop specialized in Mushroom Cultivation Techniques and Screening for Bioactive Mushrooms From Soil
Have you ever thought about how mushrooms are grown and made?
Soap theme workshop
Using handmade products that are safe for people and the environment is trendy
Workshop on tissue culture
Students, especially students who choose a major in agriculture, have conditions to learn more and learn and practice farming techniques—tissue transplant.
Neural stem cells grown from blood could revolutionize regenerative medicine
Scientists from Heidelberg University Hospital in Germany and the University of Innsbruck in Austria figured out how to reprogram mature human blood cells into neural stem cells
The Fabrication of Conductive Ink
Student research is an important and necessary activity of training and educating, help contributing to improve the quality of education.
TDT game 2017
TDTU always organizes traditional sports day, namely TDT game
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