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The first products of the Smart Agricultural Experimental Garden

The Smart Agricultural Research and Application Team (SARAT) of Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU) has successfully built the Smart Agriculture Experimental Garden in the zone 3 of TDTU. This project is one of the 10 major investment programs for the next 5 years of TDTU. SARAT aims to research and apply the latest technology (4.0, 5.0) in breeding, farming, quality control, control, management and the standardization of agricultural products outputs according to five requirements: "cleanness, high nutrition, international standards, optimal performance, and intelligent management." After the success of the prototypes, SARAT will deliver the prototypes to the agricultural sector and farmers from across the country to contribute to the reform of agricultural production in terms of breed, productivity, cleanliness, and quality; contribute to take the university’s responsibility for the traditional production sector as the country’s agricultural sector.

Ph.D. Ngo Viet Duc, team leader of SARAT said: "The smart agricultural experimental Garden provides not only a source of fresh products for users but also is a space for research and application of advanced and modern technology into practice in the field of hi-tech agriculture".

The SARAT group is carrying out the survey of needs and tastes of using clean agricultural products and fresh vegetables at hand in TDTU and Ho Chi Minh City to further improve and research the new plant varieties with high quality, cleanness, low cost with high efficiency.

Any requirements such as visit and cooperation in research and the technology transfer on smart agriculture, please contact:

Smart Agricultural Research and Application Team (SARAT-TDTU);
19 Nguyen Huu Tho, Tan Phong Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City;
Tel: (028) 37 755 024;
Hotline: 0984 480 200 (Ph.D. Ngo Viet Duc).
Some pictures of the Smart Agricultural Experimental Garden:

The first batch of fresh vegetables at the Experimental Garden
The systems of monitoring, humidity and nutrition control and mist injection... are all automated
Students of Faculty of Applied Sciences are making surveys and researches in the Experimental Garden