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Extracirricular activity of the subject of color creating and dyeing technologies


To combine a theory and a reality, the Faculty of Applied Sciences (FAS) always updates the latest information in the lectures and uses the video introducing about new technology to support all students in understanding the lessons quickly. Moreover, FAS usually operates tour activity at the company in order to bring the reliable and objective glance to all students, in order to shorten the gap between a university and an enterprise. Having a thorough understanding of this purpose, on 20th April 2018, Dr. Do Tuong Ha (the lecturer of the class of color creating and dyeing technologies) and Nha Trang Textile and Garment Joinstock Company opened the tour at their textile and dyeing factory (Photo 1-2).


Entering the plant, the deputy director of factory took all students to travel from the textile area to the dyeing area and the washing place (Photo 3-8).


All students had an exciting time to observe all the automatic machines with high capacity including knitting machines, dyeing machines, and industrial washing machines. He stopped for a while at each machines and thoughtfully instructed about the brief principle, the process of operation, and the testing procedure before operating to meet the ISO standard. He also shared with all students about the faults which was used to occur in the manufacturing process. In addition, all students could visit the QC and R&D laboratory. At there, the students were very happy because they saw the familiar equipment such as pipette, Erlenmeyer flask, ultrasonic machines, shaking machines, etc… (Photo 9-10).


Then they were become more excited with the modern machine of automatic dispensing color machine (Photo 11).


The final time of this tour was spent for exchanging the knowledge, answering the questions and sharing more experiences between students and lecturer and technicians of factory (Photo 12-13).


After travelling the textile and dyeing factory, the students could get more experienced knowledge and know well the real working environments. They could understand clearly each position related to chemical engineering at factory. They could be updated the real definition about their career, and then they can decide who they will become after graduation. One more thing in this tour is the incidental meeting with the alumni who is Phuong Thao (the student of 11th term of FAS, Photo 14: Phuong Thao was sitting).


This image delivers to us the message of the success of FAS student on the avenue looking for the job and building the career.