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Experience Journey For High School Student Of Marie Curie At TDTU

“Student of Faculty of Applied Sciences: Coherence – Shared Passion”
The program “Experience journey for high school student” is organized by D2O club –Faculty of Applied Sciences (FAS) in order to offer an educational playground with high quality, dynamic, creative academic environment, promotive self-study and evoke the passion of science for student. Experience journey helps students to understand the scientific researches and their application to the reality. The program develops a passion for science that guides him or her toward a future research career.

Program content:
- Guiding the student to make the silicon mold, composite statue by the artificial carved rock.
- Some fun science experiments with real application.
- The methodology for crystal growing.
After the program, the students can be impart inspiration, passion of science and make practical products that can be applied in their daily life.
Some pictures in program:

Marie Curie
High school Students of Marie Curie attend to the seminar of D2O club
Dean of FAS receives a bunch of flower from high school Marie Curie
FAS students are guiding to execute experiment for high school students.
Group photo: Lecturers, FAS students and high school students