Nhảy đến nội dung

Bachelor of Chemical engineering



Duration Time: 4,5 YEARS

Level: Engineer

Course Description
Chemical Engineering students will be provided with knowledge from fundamental to most advanced issues, throughout the 4-year program. We provide an effective, innovative and practical program for all majors such as organic synthesis, material engineering, energy science, and life chemistry.
Our students are also given the opportunity to join our international exchange programs at prestigious universities in the region and around the world every year. Moreover, expressing passion for science has never been so easy and exciting this much, with participating in scientific research projects guided by professors and experts at the Faculty of Applied Sciences.
Students also learn about working methods, research and cultural traditions, thereby develop a moral character as a premise for the success in the future. We combine the development of science and technology, on the basis of traditional culture to create an exciting, intensive and diverse learning environment for students.

Course Outcome
Graduating as a chemical engineer after 4,5 years of study, students are expected to achieve the following results:

  • International MOS computer certification, at least 750 points.
  • International  IELTS English certificate, at least 5.5.
  • Work skills, progressive spirit, professional attitude, well disciplined.
  • Most importantly, our engineers have a solid knowledge of the majors they have been trained, such as: production technology of processing rubber, plastic, inorganic materials; cosmetic chemical technology; synthesis technology of natural organic compounds, dye printing technology, ... and much other important knowledge.
  • Students are also welcome and provided opportunities to attend modern and well-invested graduate program hosted by Ton Duc Thang University and Faculty of Applied Sciences or travel abroad to pursuit international degrees at our cooperated universities.

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