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Conductive Polymers in Composites and application (CPCA)

Established Date: October, 2018.

Member of the research group.

1. Dr Rudolf Kiefer, German, 19.03.1967 – Group Leader.

2. Dr Thien Khanh Tran, Vietnamese, 22.11.1985 – Member.


The group is freshly established in 2018 and aim to a very advance topic of material science – Conductive Polymers and its application. In that manner, the main research and publication of the research group would concentrate in modification of material for semi-conductor material, energy device, and even the application of Conductive Polymers to many other study.

Dr Rudolf Kiefer is an expert in electrochemical engineering and polymer science, furthermore, he is also a scientist with strong background of publication and research activities. A German scientist is working his best at Ton Duc Thang University, together with other members of the Faculty of Applied Sciences, they really mean to push the material science and engineering onto a whole new level of development.

The closest activity of the group is to join the International Conference of Applied Sciences 2, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Ton Duc Thang University, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Even both of the two members of the CPCA is experts and have fame in their own field of research, the group is actually plan to recruits more member and prepare for some larger plan next year.

Rudolf Kiefer tk
Dr Rudolf Kiefer Dr Thien Khanh Tran