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Biomaterials and Nanotechnology Research Group (BNR)

Date of establishment: 10-Jan-2019

Establishment decision no. 56/2019/TĐT-QĐ


  1. Nghia TRUONG PHUOCGroup leader

  1. Thai Thanh HOANG THIMember


  1. Vu Hoang Giang PHANMember

  1. Dai Hai NGUYEN - Collaborator

Research areas:

- Preparation and characterization of hydrogels.

- Design, synthesis and physico-chemical characterization of synthetic polymers, co-polymers, composites, …

- Preparation and characterization of nano-based materials.

- The synthesis of hydrogels, nano-based materials, nanoparticle-incorporated hydrogels, and other biomaterials that modulate tissue responses / cell differentiation, stabilize therapeutic macromolecules, genes and many others, sustainably and controllably release therapeutic agents, develop smart drug delivery vehicles, and many others.

- To create materials for studies of biologically signaling and/or mechanism pathway.

- Surface modification of biomedical devices to improve the biocompatibility.

- Study on endogenous ROS/RNS, sustainably and controllably release of ROS/RNS from biomaterials.

- To explore the role of ROS/RNS released from biomaterials in disease treatment.

- To design new antibacterial materials and other ones related to biomedical applications.