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Chemical Engineering Program

Department/faculty: Chemistry Department, Faculty of Applied Sciences

Degrees conferred: EngineerGive an overview of the program

We equip students with creative engineering problem-solving techniques and fundamental chemical engineering material for balanced skills. Lectures, laboratory experiments, and recitation sessions are designed to provide coordinated training and experience in data analysis, material property estimation for single- and multi-phase systems, basic process flow sheet, reactive and non-reactive mass balances, problem solving strategies and tools, and team dynamics.

It takes 4 years for Chemistry Engineering undergraduate education programme in which practice times account for nearly 40%. Students will be able to take part in practical classes at the laboratories or in experimental centers with modern and advanced equipment as well as manufacturing factories, research institutes, etc.

There are three major branches: inorganic materials, organic synthesis and organic materials. With these specialities, the faculty has invested in equipment and arranged specialized laboratories for study and research such as printing dyes, chemical compounds, rubbers , polymers and ceramics.

There are variety of training methods, including training activities taking place in the classrooms, field exercises at factories and enterprises which may help students get used to their works in the future.

After graduation, our students are able to work in many positions without any further training course at the company. There are several jobs that students can apply for such as production management, new product researchers, management consultation, technology transfer, product quality evaluation in different companies specialized in pharmacy, cosmetics, flavors, fertilizers, building materials, mineral exploitation and processing, polymer materials, nano-materials, semiconductor materials, chemicals, oil gas, rubber, fabrics, dyes, detergents, etc; chemical bussiness or even researchers, teachers at centers, research institutes, colleges and universities.

The students of Faculty of Applied Sciences can be confident on their professional knowledge, English skills as well as soft skills trained at school.

According to a survey conducted in 2016, 100% of graduated students from college have jobs within one year of graduation.

Training Chemistry engineerers with high quality and good specialized skills meeting all society’s job requirements are the goals of Faculty of Applied Sciences and Ton Duc Thang University.